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BUGZ Movie

With the release of ChildLikes' first entry into Robotic Gaming the public's imagination will run wild. ....and even wilder when they see the BUGZ movie!


The BUGZ movie is a project being facilitated by ChildLikes. The primary goal is to entertain - which the likeable characters are sure to have no trouble doing. Secondly, the movie will showcase what Robotic Gaming is all about.


ChildLikes is seeking a screenplay for the BUGZ movie. If your story is selected for the BUGZ movie, you will receive a free trip to Hollywood and a free BUGZ play set.


Please submit your entry to info@childlikes.com.


We cannot post your stories here, but we can provide a link to your story on your website.


BUGZ Movie stories:





ChildLikes' RC micro bug featured on ABC's "Alias". Click here for more details.


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