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Mitch Randall

ChildLikes, Inc.

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Featured technologies

ChildLikes' strengths are in its patented technologies available for next generation toys. These technologies can form the basis of a wide range of toys.

Click on the links below to find out more about our featured technologies:

LINEAR TRACKTM walking mechanism (as seen on "Alias")

Extremely eye-catching leg mechanism for robotic insects. Very fast, very simple, very compelling. High "Wow" factor.

REMOTE POWER TRANSFERTM wireless electric power

Allows electric toys to operate indefinitely without wires or batteries. (see WildCharge)

IROSTM positioning system

Extremely simple technology enables virtual machine vision for toys.

Robotic GamingTM

Real toys you can play with that are as clever as characters of a video game.


Did you know??


There is not currently any product on the market that qualifies as Robotic Gaming.


An inexpensive and accurate positioning system is a necessary element of Robotic Gaming.


A method of wirefree power delivery is also a necessary element of Robotic Gaming. 


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