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Mitch Randall

ChildLikes, Inc.

1145 Linden Cir

Boulder, CO 80304

(720) 244-1441







ChildLikes, Inc. is a toy development company specializing in enabling high technology with low cost, toy grade components.

ChildLikes, Inc. licenses toys based on our patented technologies to qualified manufacturers.

ChildLikes' is proud to be the innovator of Robotic GamingTM. To find out more about Robotic GamingTM, click here. For ChildLikes' Robotic GamingTM products, click here.

To find out more about toys available for licensing, or about the technologies that make them possible, click on the links below:

Featured Products

Click here to see ChildLikes' featured toy products available for licensing.

Featured Technologies

Click here to see ChildLikes' featured technologies available for licensing that will enable a new generation of exciting toys.

Gameboy Connection

ChildLikes, an authorized Nintendo development site, is pursuing Gameboy control of a Robotic Gaming product. Click here to find out more.

BUGZ Movie

A movie featuring the likeable and personable BUGZ could kick off the introduction of the world's first Robotic Gaming product. To find out more, click here.




ChildLikes' robotic microbug "Charlotte" appears on ABC's "ALIAS" October 27, 2005.






ChildLikes introduces Robotic Gaming.


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