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Mitch Randall

ChildLikes, Inc.

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Robotic GamingTM

There's nothing like it 

Enter Robotic Gaming, the toy industry's answer to the video game.

Robotic Gaming enables toys so intelligent that they can play a fast-pasted game with you....  or against you!

Imagine controlling an agile RC bug on your tabletop along with 5 other robot insects all chasing a soccer ball!

If that didn't spark your imagination, image the opposing team running coordinated plays and defenses - and they're all being controlled by a simple controller that comes with the set.

How can this be possible?

Robotic Gaming allows an intelligence that will astound people who've never seen it before. These toys can see each other, communicate with each other - they could do the can-can if they wanted.

ChildLikes has developed the technologies to make this possible, and they are available and affordable with toy-grade parts.

To learn more about Robotic Gaming, click here.

ChildLikes is looking for a manufacturer with vision, enthusiasm, and the resources to quickly bring this concept to market. If you represent a manufacturer interested in cornering a $500 million plus market, please contact mitch@childlikes.com


Did you know??

Experts predict the Robotic Gaming industry will reach $500M within 5 years of the release of the first affordable entry.


A Computer PilotedTM toy can maneuver more quickly and more accurately than a human?


ChildLikes has the technology to bring this to market for under $100?


You can find out more about Robotic GamingTM by clicking here?



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